RAL quality certification mark

Monitored by a neutral body and on a regular basis

Certification marks characterise products and services which are manufactured or provided according to high, precisely specified quality criteria. Via a validation process RAL determines the requirements for the respective certification mark for every product and services group. In the process the manufacturer and service provider, the retail industry and consumer, testing industries and authorities are involved. The product and service specific quality criteria comprise all aspects that are important and useful to utilisation. They are published by RAL and are accessible to everyone.

Quality associations, which are recognised by RAL, award certification marks to manufacturers and service providers. They have to be able to prove in an initial inspection that they fulfil the respective certification and inspection provisions. They are then subsequently obligated to the continual monitoring of the provisions and in addition to that they have to have them monitored by a neutral body on a regular basis.

There are currently more than 160 certification marks in existence that characterise several thousand products or are used by service providers. Only RAL awards certification marks in Germany.

Following here the Kneer-Südfenster RAL certification marks: